The Greek border is just 20 km away from Sandaski. Greece is wonderful, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in te world. The second largest town in in Greece is Thessaloniki, and it is just 150 km away from Sandanski. There's a major airport in Thessaloniki. Around Thessaloniki there are wonderful beaches with the clear water of the Aegean Sea.


Sveti Vrach Park

Situated just in front of Avis Hotel, the park is one of the oldest and finest town parks in Bulgaria. It's forming is initiated in the late 20's of 20th century by the commander ot Second Bulgarian Army, General Georgi Todorov and his soldiers. Now the park has а wonderful greenery, consisting of selected flowers, plants and trees, some aged more than 100 years. The Sveti Vrach Park is a favourite place for walking or relaxing of all citizens and guests of Sandanski.


Pirin Mountain

Sandanski is situated on the south slope of Pirin, one of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaria. Pirin is the second highest mountain in Bulgaria and is a great place for tourism.


Rozhen Monastery

One of the few medieval Bulgarian monasteries well preserved until today, is situated 15 km from Sandanski and 3 km from the small town of Melnik. It is an Orthodox Monastery and the biggest in the Pirin Mountain region. The monastery is built on a hill above  the village of Rozhen, where you can find traditional Bulgarian Restaurants (Mehana) and taste traditional dishes and wonderful regional wines.



Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria with about 300 inhabitants. Most of its beautiful houses are built back in 19th century and in combination with the picturesque landscape, they give to the town a unique appearance. Standing at only 12km, Melnik is a magnificent place for walking, eating or drinking wine, during your stay in Sandanski. Melnik and its region offer some of the finest Bulgarian wines.